Ariane Fine Porcelain Designers

Ariane Massaad

With her rich background and experience in the hospitality sector, Ariane Massaad has found that there is often a missing element between the practicality of service and the art of modern food presentation.
This has inspired her to start creating collections to fill this gap, through collections that are not only visually stimulating to the consumer, but also offer to chefs a new dimension to showcase their culinary expertise. world wide network of distribution channels.

By Ariane Massaad

Alain & Dominique Vavro

After their many customized projects for internationally recognized restaurants, and for tableware market leaders Villeroy & Boch, WNK and RAK Porcelain Dominique and Alain Vavro lend their classic and contemporary spirit to Ariane Fine Porcelain.

The Vavros also work closely with important figures in the food and beverage industry including renowned 3 star Michelin chef Paul Bocuse, and wine specialists such as Georges Duboeuf.

By Vavro


Carolinaceti works in the heart of the world of luxury and gastronomy, mainly in the art of fine tableware. After years of service with great culinary leaders, she now creates for Ariane Fine Porcelain an art of living for a contemporary world, inspired by architecture, her first passion

By Caroline Raphaneau

Mikaela Dörfel

Drawing her inspirations from nature, water movements and the tradition of Scandinavian design,
this unique designer develops tableware for brands from Europe, Asia and America.

Her unique sense of shapes, modern lines and attention to functionality ensures longevity and timelessness of each of her designs.

By Dörfel

Gemma Bernal

Gemma has designed almost all her life, and all kinds of products. She has always focused on those products that are intended for use by people.

Live the profession of designer with a determined attitude towards life and everything that surrounds it.

All the circumstances that become when living in the Mediterranean produce the spark, light and creativity that appear in her proposals.

The closeness to the xefs, the needs of use and service in their gastronomic proposals, has led her to collaborate with different international companies, such as Ariane.

She believes that the success of a product depends on many people and circumstances and that the design is just one of them.

By Gemma Bernal

Hiroshi Tsunoda

Hiroshi Tsunoda is a Japanese designer established in Barcelona, where he decided to found his studio in 2005 with the idea to offer innovative and fresh solutions, seen from a multicultural point.

His design identity is the formal simplicity, which brings a strong geometric character in his designs and provides them with a big honesty in relation with their function and the material used. Hiroshi finds the inspiration to design new products in this closer surroundings, in the small problems of the daily life and exploring continuously new formal and conceptual fields.

By Hiroshi Tsunoda

Nilo Gioacchini

Nilo Gioacchini’s work touches various product sectors, and is characterized by a methodological approach, a concrete, pragmatic attitude to projects, free from any conventionalism in terms of specialization or trends.
Through his 35 years of professional activity he has worked with many renowned Italian and international companies and has received considerable international recognition through his active participation in important national and international trade shows, including the “National Mobile Fair Competition” in Trieste, the Bayer Italia Special Award and the Abet Print Award.

By Nilo Gioacchini

Nathalie Douce

Nathalie Douce is a self-taught multidisciplinary visual artist-designer, whose work is strongly inspired by nature and surroundings, from which she draws strength and equilibrium.
Resolutely contemporary, she explores existing materials which she mixes and masters giving them strength and expression, in an esthetic, practical and at times poetic outputs.
A prolific creator, working on unique and personalized objects through interior designs (objects, furniture, and decorations) she now focuses essentially on design.

By Nathalie Douce

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