Designed by Hiroshi Tsunoda

The idea of Hive collection is based on having different sizes of plates and bowls placed together to create very different atmospheres on the table through the versatility of their hexagonal shape. They are suitable for a range of uses from serving a high end cuisine, to a dinner party at hotel, and can also be used individually.

Thin Flower Vase - Hive

AHVARN000074021 10x9x22.5H CM  

Large Flower Vase - Hive

AHVARN000074021 20x18x20.5H CM  

Small Twin Bowl - Hive

AHVARN000092018 18.5x10x5H & 3H CM  

Small Twin Plate - Hive

AHVARN000020018 18.5x10x3H & 1.7H CM  

Medium Twin Bowl - Hive

AHVARN000092024 24.5×13.5x5H & 3H CM  

Medium Twin Plate - Hive

AHVARN000020024 24.5×13.5x3H & 1.7H CM  

Large Bowl - Hive

AHVARN000021018 20.5x18x5 CM  

Large Plate - Hive

AHVARN000011018 20.5x18x3 CM  

Large Tray - Hive

AHVARN000087018 20.5x18x1.7 CM  

Extra Large Bowl - Hive

AHVARN000021028 28x24x5 CM  

Extra Large Plate - Hive

AHVARN000011028 28x24x3 CM  


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