Designed by Hiroshi Tsunoda

The incredible futuristic design and aslant shape makes Sokko perfectly suited to adapt to ever-changing food trends and settings, offering a unique dining experience with its coordinated pieces.

Moat Plate - Sokko

ASKARN000020024 24x12x2.2 CM  

Deep Plate - Sokko

ASKARN000012019 18.3 Dia, 4 CM H  

Small Corner Tray - Sokko

ASKARN000087019 18.5×18.5×1.7 CM  

Small Corner Bowl - Sokko

ASKARN000021019 18.5×18.5×5 CM  

Small Slope Plate - Sokko

ASKARN000011019 18.5×18.5×1.7 CM  

Long Slope Plate - Sokko

ASKARN000011032 31.7x7x1.7 CM  

Long Groove Tray - Sokko

ASKARN000087032 31.5x7x1.7 CM  

Medium Groove Tray - Sokko

ASKARN000087031 30.7×18.4×1.3 CM  


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